Uniform Requirements

Uniform All classes have a uniform, which should be worn with hair tied/pinned right up off the face and neck.


Second-hand kit to sell? Each item should be placed in a clear plastic bag tied with a band, freezer clip or similar (so that goods can easily be removed for trying and returned to their packaging). An envelope with your name and details of the item being sold should also be enclosed, so that the money can be forwarded to you.  I will store your items until they are sold, and pass the envelope containing cash from the sale on to you.  I make no administration charge for this service. Second-hand purchases must be paid for in cash, to be placed in the envelope for me to pass on to the vendor.


If you want to order new kit from the school, please contact me. If you source your own dance kit, please make sure it is the recommended style/fit - please check with me first if in doubt.  Dance kit sizing is a mystery (especially shoes) to those not in the know, and many items are confusingly similar.  The kit supplied direct to the school is tried, tested and approved exam regulation uniform; so any alternatives need to be the same. In particular, the voile skirts for Pre-Primary/Primary should be the pull-on elasticated waist variety – please avoid the wrap-over velcro-fastening or tie-up skirts that look similar but are a nuisance in class and are not regulation exam wear. Crossover cardigans are not worn in exams so the style doesn’t matter. Uniform may be ordered through the school by email or by listing your requirements on a weekly order sheet kept in the studio.  


For a list of the requirements for the different classes please refer to the sub menus by hovering your cursor over the uniform page.


Please ensure all dance kit is named - especially the crossover cardigans which are often removed during class.