New RAD Ballet Grades

The new Pre-Primary and Primary were introduced in 2010.  In January 2012, Grades 1-3 were launched to build on from these early foundations and in January 2014, the Grade 4 & 5 were launched.  Since the launch of Pre-Primary & Primary in 2010, I have been on 3 teachers' courses at RAD Headquarters in London to study all the new work; the latest course being to learn Grades 4 & 5 in February 2014.  


Those of you who studied ballet when you were younger will notice a change in the style and content of the work.  There is a lot more movement (travel, turning and jumping) involved (no more long barre exercises!) with the addition of props, orchestral music in different styles and introducing elements of modern/contemporary dance, as well as charcter dance (the theatrical presentation of folk dance from Russia, Poland Hungary as seen in major Classical Ballets e.g. Swan Lake and Coppelia).  It is truly challenging, requiring physical and mental stamina,  but at the same time liberating and fun.  It provides a more exact match to the training needed for today's dancers, who have to be able to adapt to so many styles of choreography, and so more truly reflects what the students will see at the theatre.