Ballet exams: The deadline for RAD exam entry this term is Sunday 22nd September,  The exam date will be Thursday 21st November.  You will have been contacted in July if your child's group are involved in exams or class awards this term  

Venue: The Church Rooms, Combe Down BA2 5EE


Classes involved this term:

Pre-Primary Ballet in Bradford and Combe Down

Grade 1A ballet in Bradford on Avon

Grade 2A ballet in Bradford on Avon (Wednesday group)

Grade 4 Ballet Bradford on Avon

Grade 6 Ballet in Bradford on Avon


Exams are entirely optional.  Pupils may progress at their own pace througnout the classes without taking any exams if they prefer.  The RAD & ISTD exams are registered with the Government's curriculum and qualifications authority and points and gain nationally recognised credits.  Success in some of the higher grade exams also brings UCAS points.